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    Friday, October 29, 2004

    Ignorance is bipartisan 

    Well, I guess it wouldn't be an election without the self-styled elite letting their moral preening and intellectual vanity bubble to the surface and harp on their favorite "Republicans are dunces" campfire song. Never mind that there might be something a little more subtle going on. Since liberals lead with the heart, and conservatives insist on thinking about things -- i.e., people move from liberalism to conservatism as they grow up and see the world as it really is -- an appreciation of subtlety is probably too much to ask for.

    I'd at least have supposed that the "country is going to the dogs because the morons don't have sense enough to vote for those of us who are superior" crowd wouldn't try to prove the point by quoting the founding fathers who believed the same thing. The fact that it hasn't happened yet might just undercut the argument.

    And they might be a little more humble, considering the (already posted) evidence that their guy isn't as smart as our guy. Tom Brokaw asked Kerry about this, by the way: "Someone has analyzed the president's military aptitude tests and concluded that he has a higher IQ than you do." Kerry's response: "That's great. More power. I don't know how they've done it, because my record is not public. I don't know where you're getting that from." Hmmmmn. Hasn't Kerry said repeatedly that all his military records have been released?

    If you're going to claim the intellectual high ground, don't be so shy about it. Have the nerve to go all the way, as Seymour Hersh did: "I think one thing you have to face up to is the fact that there are roughly 70 million people in America who do not believe in evolution -- and those are Bush supporters."

    posted by Leo Morris at # 2:23 PM


    On the left: Carol Towarnicky, chief editorial writer for the Philadelphia Daily News, from a liberal point of view.

    On the right: Leo Morris, editorial page editor of the Fort Wayne (Ind.) News-Sentinel, from a conservative point of view.

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